Ignacio Agulló's Curriculum vitae

Personal details

Address: C./ La Estrada, 36 - 5 Drcha. 36209 Vigo. Spain
Driving license: B

Official qualifications

Technician on electricity and electronics, specialist on computer equipment. I. E. S. Federico Mayor Zaragoza, 1.996
Technician on administration and commerce, specialist on computer applications development. I. F. P. Teis, I. F. P. Punta del Verde, 1.992

Complementary qualifications

Administrator of servers internet/intranet/extranet (EMIN70). Odastic, 400 hours, 2.003
Programmer of applications on nets internet/intranet/extranet (EMIN60). Odastic, 350 hours, 2.002
Computer applications analist (IN0052). Fondo Formación, 450 hours, 2.001
Video/television production (CN0054). Forga, 500 hours, 2.000
Computer comunication and local nets (IN0051). Fondo Formación, 350 hours, 1.999


English: Fluent. Achieved certificate at Languages Official School (5 years)
Spanish: Native
Galician: Native

Work history

Computer repairing: 1 year
Electronic edition: 3 years with a total of 31 issues
Office worker: 15 months
Private teacher: 1 year
Writer on computing: 25 articles published
Writer on cinema: 65 articles published


Experience: 20 years
Hardware: PC, Macintosh, Atari ST
Operating systems: Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS, TOS
Languages: C++, Java, PHP, Visual BASIC, BASIC, COBOL, Pascal, Dbase/Clipper, PC assembler, SQL, HTML
Programs: Dreamweaver, Flash, Freehand, QuarkXPress, Calamus, Access, Excel, Premiere

Additional information

Accomplished 42% of the 3-year career on Computer Science at the University of Seville. At present studying Computer Science at the National University of Education at Distance

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